What We Do

The Service Quality Division has been part of ASQ since 1991. Members come from organizations or functional areas that primarily are service oriented or service focused. Most members are interested in better ways to deploy and integrate quality systems, principles, and techniques into their organizations. The Service Quality Division serves a diverse base of members, such as:

  • Financial Services (banking, finance, insurance)
  • Hospitality and Travel (hotels, airlines, travel agents, restaurants)
  • Professional Services (consultants, legal contract services)
  • Regulated Industries (public utilities, transportation)
  • Not for Profit Sectors (associations, government agencies)
  • Retail Business (customer service, sales/marketing)
  • Members of support service functions (manufacturing or service organizations.)
  • Anyone interested in learning more about service quality or sharing their experiences and knowledge in service quality.

How is the Service Quality Division organized?

The Service Quality Division is led by a division council of service professionals from many different industries. We volunteer our time and energy to create and sustain division benefits and services that will help our members to attain excellence in service quality. We invite you to join us.

What do members of the ASQ Service Quality Division Council do?

The Service Quality Division’s membership at large elected the following council members to serve a two-year term. Each election year the immediate past chair continues his or her service as a member of the council.

  • Chair:
    • Provides leadership and oversees administration of the division. This includes being the liaison to ASQ.
  • Chair-elect:
    • Serves as back-up to the Division Chair and manages the strategic planning process.
  • Treasurer:
    • Manages and coordinates administration of the division’s budget, disbursement of funds, financial records, and bank account.
  • Secretary:
    • Records the minutes for meetings and the monthly teleconferences. Maintains the division council contact roster.
  • Immediate Past Chair:
    • Acts in an advisory capacity to the chair and division board to bring continuity between past, present, and future initiatives. Also serves as historian and nominating chair, maintains the division operating manual, and reviews and revises SQD bylaws as needed. The chair appoints the positions for a one-year term with the approval of the division board.
  • Conference Chair:
    • Heads a committee to develop new product/service offerings for members including ongoing programs such as the Annual Service Quality Conference and section training level programs.
  • Publications Chair:
    • Oversees the publication of the division’s newsletter, Competitive Advantage, and other division publications as appropriate.
  • Membership Chair:
    • Welcomes new members, conducts the annual membership survey, and answers inquiries from prospective and current members.
  • Awards Chair:
    • Administers the division award processes.
  • Scholarship Chair:
    • Administers the division scholarship processes.

Volunteers are needed to assist with these committees. Members who can donate a few hours each month are asked to call a division officer or committee chair listed on the contact page.

Service Quality Division Value-Added Services

  • Annual Service Quality Educational Events
    • The Service Quality Conference gives you an opportunity to network, work hard, learn and have fun. The focus is on leading trends in approaches and deployment of service quality management tools and techniques.
  • Competitive Advantage
    • Published quarterly, our newsletter provides a platform for debating service quality management methods and philosophies. We share our members’ stories and lessons learned, and provide information about events taking place in the service industries.
  • Body of Knowledge
    • Defining a service quality body of knowledge is our newest initiative. We’ve taken on the job of compiling a list of the skills and tools service providers need. Then, we’ll look for ways to create opportunities for our members to learn them.
  • Leadership Opportunities
    • The best leaders are those who are continuously learning. You can hone your leadership skills when you volunteer to work on Service Quality Division projects.


For more information, please refer to our SQD Brochure.