ISO 9001:2015 Turn Risk Averse Thinking into Risk based Thinking


It is easy to create a culture of “mitigate all risks” or said differently, “It’s easier not to change things.” The topic will explore the concepts in Risk Based Thinking to allow our risk averse organizations to push out of their comfort zone to support new opportunities. I will introduce a new concept of the “Opportunity Priority Number” to balance the RPN in assessing opportunities.

Russ Snyder:

Russ Snyder is a Senior Manager at Intel, managing Operations for Wireless Silicon and Module Manufacturing. Russ is a Registered Professional Engineer, MBA, and Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt. Russ has spent 17 years working with the global outsourced electronics supply ecosystem. Russ has a long track record of Change Management and application of Lean/Six Sigma principles in the outsourced ecosystem to improve factory quality and productivity. Some of those principles include breaking risk averse habits and challenging the status quo. Prior to Intel, Russ worked 14 years as an engineer and engineering manager in the engineering-construction industry focused on process automation for a variety of manufacturers including food and beverage, pulp and paper, tobacco, plastics, and aerospace.

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