Customer Experience – The Evolution & Revolution


In this Webinar Dr. Ritz explores how customer experience can become more innovative in providing organizations with tools to managing and improving quality from a systems thinking perspective. Thus the departure point will be to understand customer centricity, its holistic nature and how it informs the basis of customer experience success. This means going forward, customer experience should not be treated as an isolated component of the customer management phenomenon but within the parameters of a bigger system. Techniques such as journey mapping, performance measurements, understanding customer needs and expectations, data collection and analysis will be discussed from a systemic point of view. To achieve sustainability organizations must go beyond their normal customer experience standards and push boundaries. Dr Ritz will use thought provoking, realistic and practical learning tools to demonstrate how organizations can sustain the customer experience evolution. 

Through a stimulating Power Point presentation, a combination of lecture and audience participation, and case studies participates will learn specific and useful skills that they can apply in their own environments.

Dr. Mary Ritz:

Dr. Mary Ritz is the owner of Almenta International, a training and consulting organization that focuses on customer management among other areas. She holds a PhD in Business focusing on Customer Centricity, an MBA with a concentration in International Business and an undergraduate degree in Marketing. She is the author of Customer Centricity: A Sense Making Framework for Developing Economies. She has over 10 years experience and diverse background, and has had the privilege of working at an international level in North America and across Africa with small, medium and large organizations. Her areas of expertise are Customer Centricity, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Leadership & Management, etc. A thought provoking John Maxwell certified facilitator and speaker; who uses innovative approaches that bring training and learning to life.

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