A Thousand Years of Quality

In this presentation, the audience will learn about quality practices of companies that have prospered for 200 years and longer. In one case, the company has been passed down through 46 generations of management and yet has maintained a set of core quality practices that have enabled it to succeed for 1300 years, even as the society around it changed significantly. We will explore the relationship between quality and sustainability, and establish how long lived companies have successfully integrated quality practices to gain both a competitive advantage as well as create highly treasured organizations that have sustained their owners and employees over the centuries. We will learn about the six fundamental quality management paradoxes that all managers must resolve, review some of the solutions that these long lived companies have developed for themselves, and assess how their solutions supported both sustainability and quality management. Finally, we will arrive at a new understanding of what it means to be a sustainable organization, and appreciate the contributions that quality managers can make to fostering long term prosperity and thriving.

Presenter: Anton G. Camarota PhD

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