SQD Workshop Keeps the Focus on Customers

The Service Quality Division’s much-anticipated workshop, Customer-Driven Superior Service, was energetic, engaging, and thought-provoking for both attendees and facilitators.  Working with a business case that had both manufacturing and customer service elements, small teams of participants were challenged to first identify the critical problem to be solved and then to develop both short- and long-term solutions. As in many real-life scenarios involving service, participants also dealt with limited data and constantly changing priorities as leadership reacted to negative customer reviews. With much to accomplish and a mere 8 hours to achieve it, teams were quick to organize and get to work. Throughout the day, SQD facilitators brought the focus back to the customer and their experience, asking questions and sharing effective practices related to service quality.  In a testament to each participant’s commitment to the exercise, by the end of the day, teams proposed thoughtful approaches for improving customer satisfaction by listening effectively to both customer and employee feedback, implementing steps to improve their experiences, and effectively measuring results.

A huge thanks to our host, Lowe’s, which graciously allowed us to hold the event at their corporate headquarters!  We would also like to thank ASQ’s Charlotte Section, which did a great job in helping us to spread the word; the members of our leadership team who contributed their time and talents to making this event a success; and all of our workshop participants!

SQD looks forward to continuing to offer this type of collaborative event, so please reach out to us if you’re interested in partnering.