2018-2019 Officer Nominations

Our current membership would have received an email advising them about our current SQD Officer candidates and information for others interested in applying.  We are including the content of this email below for those who may have missed or misplaced it.

Slate of Candidates and Self Nomination for SQD Officer Positions 2018-2019

On behalf of the SQD Nominating Committee, the following slates of candidates are running for the open officer roles for Service Quality Division.  Each position is a two year term (please read Chair Elect total commitment).

Rob Houle – Chair Elect

  • Rob has previous experience with the Service Quality Division as a Chair, Past Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and also served several times as a Conference Co-Chair.

Terri Nokleby – Secretary

  • Terri has experience serving as Secretary in addition to serving on the Steering Committee of the first educational road show.

Jan Peace – Treasurer

  • Jan has previous experience with the division as Chair, Past Chair, Chair Elect, Secretary, Awards Chair, and also served as a Conference Co-Chair.

Position Overview:

  • Chair Elect
    • Performs duties as directed by the Chair in support of the organization’s mission and goals. This position succeeds to the position of Chair following the completion of the first term and then succeeds to Immediate Past Chair after serving two years as the Chair. The total commitment is six years.
  • Secretary
    • Document and distribute business meeting minutes, maintain records, serve as the official correspondent of the division.
  • Treasurer
    • Oversee funds and manage payments or reimbursement of expenses. Maintain accurate financial records. Provide financial records to division Audit Chair for annual audit. Report to ASQ and SQD Officers on financial condition as directed by the bylaws and policies and procedures.

 Individuals not listed on this slate may submit a nomination by a signed petition of 10 voting members of the Service Quality Division (see attached), along with a resume and a narrative on how they have meet the competencies (see attached).

Please submit nominations to :   by midnight Central Time August 28th, 2017.

Requirements for nomination submissions and reference documents are below:

  1. What are the expectations to serve as an SQD Officer? Officers are expected to fulfill the duties diligently, attending onsite meetings, participating in all conference calls, and carrying out all assignments within the specified timeframe.
  2. Who can be nominated? All applicants must be a regular member of ASQ and a member of the Service Quality Division in good standing.  It is highly recommended that applicants for Chair Elect and Treasurer will have held a member leader position in the Service Quality Division or another division/interest group within ASQ.
  3. What is the term of office? The term for each position begins January 1, 2018 and ends December 31, 2019.
  4. How do I apply? Each individual may forward a complete nomination package to :   no later than midnight Central Time August 28th, 2017. The nomination must include a signed petition of 10 members of the SQD, the nominee’s resume, and a narrative discussing how the candidate meets the attached competencies.

Please submit any questions to:  

Reference Documents:

Service Quality Division Officer Competencies 2017

SQD Nomination Petition Form 2017