Vision, Mission, Values Statements

Skill level: Basic


Vision, mission, and values statements are important components of strategic planning. The vision statement is future focused and paints a vivid picture of where you would like the organization to be or what you would like it to accomplish in the long term. Mission is focused on the present and describes the purpose of your organization or why it exists. Finally, values statements reflect core behaviors or guiding principles that guide the actions of employees as they execute plans to achieve the mission and vision.

The defined role service quality plays in the organization’s overall mission and vision is an underlying force driving profitability and business success.


  • A clear vision helps in aligning everyone towards the same future state or objective, providing a basis for goal congruence
  • A clear mission provides the basis for developing plans that can be executed to achieve the vision
  • Values statements make clear behaviors that are expected of everyone

How to Use

  • Step 1.  Generally, begin by developing your vision statement. It should be brief and it should paint a vivid picture of the future. Before you craft your vision statement, consider your customers, the market, your organization’s strengths, and your commitment to service. A useful tool is a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis. Once everyone participating has this background information, use brainstorming to generate ideas. The vision should be brief and compelling, and it should answer questions such as Where are we going? and What will we be in the future?
  • Step 2.  Once you have a vision statement, move on to a mission statement. Think about why your organization exists and what types of accomplishments it will take to achieve the vision. The mission statement should answer questions such as What is our purpose? and Why do we exist? 
  • Step 3.  Finally, values statements should provide guidance for all employees regarding the behaviors that are expected in your company. They should be timeless and reflect the ongoing beliefs of your organization, regardless of what the current year’s objectives might be.

Relevant Definitions

SWOT analysis: A planning tool for analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business.


Vision: Sunshine Assisted Living is the number one choice of families seeking homes for their loved ones in the greater Chicago area.

Mission: Sunshine Assisted Living provides assisted care experiences that are like a home away from home:

  • We provide a clean, bright, safe, and home-like setting with just the right amount of assistance.
  • We provide access to the best medical care when needed.
  • We provide an environment focused on quality of life that includes activities across a broad range of interests; tasty, healthy food; and a sense of community.

Values statements: 

  • Our employees are our most important asset. We hire the best caregivers and treat them with respect.
  • For our residents, our facilities ARE their homes, and we treat them as such.
  • We believe that community and engaging activities are important to the well-being of our residents.


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