Stated Values: Beliefs and Principles

Skill level: Specialty


“Stated values: beliefs and principles” is a vehicle for communicating philosophies or principles that guide an organization’s internal conduct as well as its external relationships. In short, it sets the expectation for behavior of all employees at all levels of the organization and serves as a guide that stands the test of time. Ideally, the behaviors included support your brand image and the service you promise to your customers and community.


  • Clarifies for customers how you will treat them and your organization’s commitment to service
  • Helps your organization perform in unison and avoids cross-purposes by making clear the behaviors you expect (as well as those you don’t tolerate)
  • For those times when judgment is called for, provides employees with a moral compass to follow

How to Use

  • Step 1.  Generally, your organization’s values should come from senior leadership. You may need several working sessions for drafting and review. Think about your vision, mission, and purpose, and the general behaviors that support achieving them.
  • Step 2.  Take a step back and review again. Do you have an empty slogan, or a guide that will stand the test of time as your service offerings themselves change and evolve?
  • Step 3.  Communicate! Make sure every individual in your organization has internalized the values and is expected to follow them. Set the expectation that all levels of leadership will serve as daily examples.

Relevant Definitions

Not Applicable


“We treat all patients with respect, dignity, and the highest standard of care.”

“We conduct our work with uncompromising integrity and are always open, honest, and direct.”

“At Ace Tune-up, we provide prompt, clean, expert service the first time, every time.”

“Our people are our greatest service asset; we trust, respect, and support each other in delivering the best customer experience possible.”


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