Social media forum (blog, FAQ)

Skill level: Basic/intermediate


A social media forum is a computer-based personal website or comment board. Having begun as consumer users’ sites, mainly for topic discussion, social media sites are currently used to spread a message quickly, collect opinions and comments, and solicit donations. Advertising, education, news broadcasting, human resources, the not for profit sector, public service, and many other industries have begun using social media for many different purposes. The uses and the types of users increase every day.


  • Disseminates messages very quickly
  • Provides permanent to semi-permanent logs of events
  • Involves no to low costs
  • Adaptable for a wide range of purposes and scenarios
  • Makes effective use of common skills

How to Use

The steps for using social media will vary. Each individual site provides specific instructions.

Relevant Definitions

Blog: Short for web log, which is similar to a journal or commentary an individual posts online for others to read.


  • On 22 July 2010, the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo used Facebook® to warn its citizens to stay inside because of gun battles occurring against drug gangs.
  • Many news networks use Twitter® to instantly poll audiences and change the stories that they are covering.
  • Blogs are routinely used in the education sector to continue or enhance classroom discussion.
  • Twitter® and the Red Cross® worked together to raise money for disaster relief in Haiti.


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