Recognition and Rewards Strategies and Programs

Skill level: Beginner


Recognizing and rewarding personnel and teams is a human resource and management function that seeks to fulfill the self-esteem needs within an organization while simultaneously fostering goal accomplishment. Having a long-term strategy of rewarding progress toward or accomplishment of organizational objectives can foster the progress toward those objectives.


  • Changes morale with an organization
  • Provides emphasis toward goal accomplishment

How to Use

  • Step 1.  Top-level management first determines organizational goals and employee likes and dislikes.
  • Step 2.  Write a policy, including current performance, organizational goals, and employee likes and dislikes, as well as stating what rewards will be given, when they will be given, and who they will be given to.
  • Step 3.  Communicate the reward policy through every realistic channel.
  • Step 4.  Once the reward policy is communicated it must be followed. Employees will react to the implementation of the policy.

Relevant Definitions

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A project manager in a customer service center has set organizational goals of improving Likert scores from 3.2 to 4.5 within one year and reducing complaints against personnel by 10 percent in the same time frame. He realizes that he needs to motivate employees in order to accomplish his goals. Therefore he talks with the employees and determines that they like dinners at BEEF Steakhouse but despise PORK Restaurants.

Based on the goals he set, the current status, and the employees’ likes and dislikes, the project manager writes a policy. Simplified, the policy states that every work team that succeeds in achieving a 4.5 Likert score shall have a lunch catered by BEEF Steakhouse. In addition, every employee who completes 90 days of work without a complaint will receive a gift card for dinner for two at BEEF Steakhouse. It also states that the Likert scores and customer complaint log shall be checked monthly.

Each month, a technician uses performance data to compute the winners of rewards, and all of the employees gather together for a brief recognition ceremony. At the first event, three people from the DAF team and two from the MNB team are given a gift card to BEEF Steakhouse for having no complaints. Additionally the CXS team is informed that it will have lunch catered on December 14 because of its Likert score of 4.7. The next month, all of the teams have improved their Likert score by .2 and there are 63 fewer complaints.


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