RASIC (or RACI) Matrix

Skill level: Beginner


RASIC (responsible, approves, supports, is informed, is consulted) is a tool or document used to establish the roles of key resources for activities related to a project. In a matrix format, the RASIC lists key resources or stakeholders along the upper X axis and key processes or activities along the left Y axis, associating these two axes and establishing the correlation between them.


  • Establishes clear relationships between activities and resources
  • Defines clear responsibilities for each resource
  • Provides the necessary input for the communication plan

How to Use

  • Step 1.  Identify key activities.
  • Step 2.  Identify key resources.
  • Step 3.  With your team (key team players), identify who is responsible for each activity.
  • Step 4.  Continue with each role until you have completed the entire matrix.
  • Step 5.  Verify that you have only one “R” per activity in the “responsible” role and only one “A” per activity for “accountable.” Several resources can appear in the inform “I” and consult “C” roles.
  • Step 6.  Communicate with key resources and make sure they are comfortable and agree with the matrix. Validate and correct as needed.
  • Step 7.  Distribute to all resources.

Relevant Definitions

RACI: Abbreviation for responsible, accountable, consulted, informed.


You are leading a project to reduce lead time in parts delivery from the time the provider has ordered the parts to the time parts are delivered on site to service-grounded commercial airplanes.

The key activities (high level) are:

  • Create project contract
  • Create communication plan
  • Collect data
  • Analyze data
  • Propose solutions
  • Implement solutions

The key resources are:

  • Vice president, operations
  • Warehouse manager
  • Project leader
  • Parts manager
  • Vice president, customer services
  • Shipping department

A sample completed RASIC is below.



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