Job Description

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A job description is a document describing a specific role in your organization. It generally includes duties, purpose, responsibilities, scope, and working conditions of a job, the job title, and the designation of the person the employee reports to.

This written description provides important boundaries for customer interaction and expected service behaviors.  Some companies also choose to include information describing increasing levels of expectations and responsibilities for roles with multiple levels, such as entry, expert, and master.

A job description is not intended to document every task a person will perform but should include the core elements of the job. A best practice is to use job descriptions that, when possible, are similar to others in your industry. This makes it easier to match prospective candidates with the role and it aids in benchmarking.


  • Assists in hiring because you have a description ready to use in creating documents for posting, advertising, and evaluating potential hires
  • Helps supervisors and managers set and maintain consistent performance expectations with employees regarding their roles, expected behaviors, and key outcomes
  • Aids in benchmarking your organization against others in your industry
  • Helps foster growth and development of existing employees by providing a clear description of expected skills and knowledge required for other jobs they may aspire to

How to Use

  • Step 1.  Gather existing information about the job (prior job descriptions, examples from other companies, service agreements, etc.).
  • Step 2.  Write a general description of the position: the title, core areas of responsibility, who the individual would report to. This establishes the boundaries of the role or what the position is responsible for.
  • Step 3.  Next, list the key behaviors you expect from the role, or what it is you want the employee to do. This list is not intended to encompass every single task but should include the most important elements of the job and the general level of performance you expect.
    Step 4.  Finally, list any important qualifications for this specific role. Be sure to include any certifications that are required.

Relevant Definitions

Not Applicable


Below is a job description for a site help desk supervisor.


The site help desk supervisor oversees all aspects of local support delivery, including responsiveness to customer needs, supervision of local support technicians, and management of site support finances. Primary responsibilities include overseeing support delivery so that service level objectives are met for all customer requests and ensuring that local parts inventory and hardware repair costs stay within company targets. The help desk supervisor reports to the regional service manager.


  • Perform all supervisory tasks for a team of eight technicians, which includes performance management and ensuring that team members have the technical skills for the job and understand and follow company support processes.
  • Monitor support requests to ensure that team members respond to customers in a manner pursuant to the service level agreement, and that all service metrics are met.
  • Act as an escalation point for customer complaints, resolving issues quickly and coordinating plans to address recurring or critical issues with the regional service manager as needed.
  • Manage local parts inventory and budget. Ensure that an appropriate parts inventory is available locally without exceeding company standard for stock levels. Prepare the parts budget and forecast for monthly reviews with the regional service manager.


  • 5 years’ experience providing technical hardware support
  • Ability to use Excel spreadsheets for budgeting
  • Excellent written and verbal skills
  • Ability to supervise a team of direct reports


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