Communication plan

Skill level: Basic


A communication plan covers the essential elements of a well-structured communication to key stakeholders. The plan includes the communication that must be done prior to, during, and after an event. Structuring a communication plan in a matrix with six (6) main sections allows a project leader to detail what needs to be communicated, the audiences, the methods, the media, and the timing, and to assign responsibility.


  • Easy to use
  • Organizes thoughts and concerns surrounding the event regarding key elements of communication in order to ensure a successful transition and outcome

How to Use

  • Step 1.  Determine the communications required at each point before the event.
  • Step 2.  For each communication define:
    • Who should receive the communication?
    • What method should be used to distribute the communication (e.g., e-mail, memo, etc.)?
    • What is the appropriate time to distribute each communication?
    • What actions must be taken to authorize and facilitate the communication?
    • Most importantly, who is responsible for ensuring the communication is distributed?
  • Step 3.  Complete Step 2 above for each communication phase (before, during, and after).

Relevant Definitions

Not Applicable


A manager in the accounting department wants to redesign the process by which expense reports are verified and approved. The manager wants to make sure that the redesign team will arrive prepared for the planning meetings and that all stakeholders will be properly informed about the changes the team will propose.

The table below is created to capture the communication plan to be used.



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