Previous Recipients

The following timeline depicts recipients of the Rosander Award, Outstanding Service Award, Dedicated Service Award and the Partners for Quality Award over the years. For a brief description of the awards, please visit the Awards Overview page.

Awards Recipients 2015

Outstanding Service Award Leia Patzernuk Tania Salarvand

Awards Recipients 2014

Outstanding Service Award Shirley Krentz

Awards Recipients 2012

Outstanding Service Award Holly R. Mensen Dedicated Service Award Keith Joy Partners for Quality Award Joe DeFeo and Juran Institute

Awards Recipients 2011

Rosander Award Mr. Harrington Dedicated Service Award Brian Gallipeau Jean-Marie Cote (BoK Contributions)

Awards Recipients 2010

Dedicated Service Award Alan Bruno Dale Morgan Partners for Quality Award Minitab Inc

Awards Recipients 2009

Outstanding Service Award John Iverson Dedicated Service Award Jan Peace

Awards Recipients 2008

Outstanding Service Award Lori Dellinger Dedicated Service Award Rob Houle

Awards Recipients 2007

Outstanding Service Award Bob Barnes Dedicated Service Award Keith Joy

Awards Recipients 2006

Rosander Award Elizabeth M. Keim Outstanding Service Award Alan A. Bruno Dedicated Service Award Jennifer M. Piccotti

Awards Recipients 2005

Rosander Award Dale Morgan Outstanding Service Award Jenn Piccotti Dedicated Service Award Rob Houle

Awards Recipients 1998

Rosander Award Mike Harris (NA)

Award Recipients 1997

Partners for Quality Award American Supplier Institute

Award Recipients 1996

Outstanding Service Award Elizabeth M. Keim Alan Bruno Dale Morgan Andre Jenkins Shella Kessler Meredith Moosally Partners for Quality Award Debbs International Services Inc: Memphis, TN (Fred J. Martin/Wayne C. Shannon)

Award Recipients 1995

Rosander Award S. G. “Skip” Johnson (2nd) Outstanding Service Award Mark R. James Elizabeth M. Keim Jack A. Cherba Wayne Shannon Hollis R. Lipscomb Sheila Kessler Susan E. Walther Tony Salinger Linda Milanowski Partners for Quality Award Liquid Transport Corporation: Greenfield, IN (L. Willhelm/Mark Janes)

Awards Recipients 1994

Outstanding Service Award Mark Crumly Jack A. Cherba Michael C. Harris Mark R. Janes Elizabeth M. Keim Hollis R. Lipscomb Wayne C. Shannon Kateri T. Brunell Victoria Taylor

Awards Recipients 1993

Outstanding Service Award Michael C. Harris Mark R. Janes Elizabeth M. Keim Hollis R. Lipscomb James J. Rooney Wayne C. Shannon Kateri T. Brunell Jack A. Cherba

Awards Recipients 1992

Outstanding Service Award: Jack A. Chera Michael C. Harris Kateri T. Brunell

Awards Recipients 1991

Rosander Award: A.C. Rosander (1st)