Managing with Metrics

How much of your organization’s potential is wasted as a result of poor data quality, conflicting metrics, and decisions based on gut feel? Even in well-managed, global companies, the failure to measure what matters can lead to unintended consequences. To keep measurement systems up to date, managers should conduct annual reviews to ensure they are tracking the right metrics. Failure to measure the right variables hinders strategy execution. In this presentation, we will provide an approach that highlights the following critical questions: What matters most? What has changed? What is missing? What should we stop measuring? How do we resolve conflicts and contradictions? What should we reward? Through an ‘easy to use’ approach, we will provide you a framework for managing with metrics, provide a tool to assess the maturity of your organizations metrics, and evaluate what is missing in your current strategy. Investing the time and resources today in measuring the right metrics, will be critical to establishing the right growth strategies in the future.

Presenter: Thomas Bertels

  • Partner at Valeocon Management Consulting, is responsible for the firm’s global life sciences practice. He is a widely recognized expert on operational excellence and innovation across multiple industries. He helps clients identify opportunities for improving their business processes, measuring their impact, and reporting on progress in a focused way. He is also the author of “The Art of Measuring What Matters” – iSixSigma Magazine, Nov/Dec 2010.
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