SQBOK Resources: Leadership




Noor, Mohd Nazali Mohd; Pitt, Michael A critical review on innovation in facilities management service delivery
Ennis, Bruce Driving Higher Workplace Performance: Using Analytics, Dashboard Metrics, and Soft Skills to Improve Results
Kelley, Scott W. Efficiency in Service Delivery: Technological or Humanistic Approaches?
Parthasarathy, Rangarajan (Raj) Emotional Intelligence and the Quality Manager–Beauty and the Beast?
Crispo, Al Empower or Empowerment?
Sharp, Richard Experiencing Quality
Boshoff, Christo An experimental study of service recovery options
Thiagarajan, Sivasailam Fostering Participation from a Diverse Group
Carnell, Mike Gathering Customer Feedback
Goldsmith, Marshall Helping Successful People Get Even Better
Grigoryev, Patty Hiring By Competency Models
Campbell, Mary Improving Agency Performance and Service Delivery
Brown, William A. Improving People Skills–Key to Quality
Armistead, Colin; Clark, G. Improving service delivery
P, D. Inside quality service
Dusharme, Dirk ISO 9001: The Shift to Service
Stalinski, Sherryl Leveraging Diversity: Moving from Compliance to Performance
Schraeder, Mike; Freeman, Willie; Durham, Charles A Lexicon for Lifelong Learning
Goodman, John; DePalma, David; Broetzmann, Scott Maximizing the Value of Customer Feedback
Hashim, Mohammad Measuring Reliability in Service Industries
Di Mascio, Rita A method to evaluate service delivery process quality
Chowdhary, Nimit; Prakash, Monika Prioritizing service quality dimensions
Simons, Jacob V. Jr Reliability-based analysis of service recovery
Parry, Pam Sears Delivers A Better QMS
Parasuraman, A. Service quality and productivity: A synergistic perspective
Saravanan, Rao R. Service Quality From the Customer’s Perspective: An Empirical Investigation
Seth, Nitin; Deshmukh, S.G.; Vrat, Prem Service quality models: a review
ASQ Succession Planning Facts and Fantasies
Norton, William I. Jr.; Sussman, Lyle Team Charters: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Implications for Quality and Performance


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