SQBOK Resources: Customer and Market Focus


Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence
Customer Service for the Frontline In this course, the learner will learn about customer service and its relation to the global market, the meaning of 'good service', and what the customer expects. In addition, the learner will explore their personal service styles and how to adapt a customer service approach that provides consistently good service.
Measuring and Managing Customer Satisfaction: ISO 9001 and Beyond Create a customer satisfaction plan. Develop an understanding of how to measure customer satisfaction and manage a customer satisfaction system. Your organization can use this system to increase profits and revenues.
ImpaQT Training(TM) for Districts Establish a system of strategic improvement. Create measurable strategic objectives for your district using quality tools and input from key stakeholders.





Fletcher, Dave 101 Ways to Sell Your Team’s Services, Ideas and Values
Townsend, Pat; Gebhardt, Joan A Bare Bones Look at the Bottom Line
Rau, R. H. G. A Journey to Corporate Excellence
Afors, Cristina; Michaels, Marilyn Zuckerman A Quick, Accurate Way to Determine Customer Needs
Calhoun, Jacqueline M. An Introduction to Baldrige Basics and the Benefits of Using the Baldrige
Miller, Stephen Continuous Improvement in Public Schools Through ISO 9001:2000
Zairi, Mohamed Creating Value Through Innovation: Gauging Customer Reaction Through a Simulated Shopping Experience
Cox, Daniel; Bossert James Driving Organic Growth at Bank of America
Duncan, Scott P. ISO 9001 & the CMM Together: In-the-Large & In-the-Small
Reidenbach, Eric; Goeke, Reginald Market Focused, Value Driven – It’s All About Gaps
Maness, Thomas C.; Kozak, Robert A. New Industry Specific Quality Certification
Stevenson, James R.; Kashef, Ali E. Newer Better Faster
Jones, Michael K. Pragmatic Software Testing Model for the E-World
Grossi, Peter Prepared for Battle
Kontoghiorghes, Constantine; Dembeck, Deborah Prioritizing Quality Management and Sociotechnical Variables in Terms of Quality Performance
Feigenbaum, Armand V. Raising the Bar
Iakovou, Eleftherios; Ortiz, Olga L. Reengineering of the Laundry Service at a University Campus: A Continuous-Improvement Quality-Management Methodology
Feigenbaum, Armand V.; Feigenbaum, Donald S The Future of Quality: Customer Value
Lin, Hsiu-Fen The Impact of Website Quality Dimensions on Customer Satisfaction in the B2C E-commerce Context
Feigenbaum, Armand V. The International Growth of Quality
DeLaney, Bill Total Quality Management in the Public Sector
Goodman, John; Newman, Steve Understand Customer Behavior and Complaints



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