The SQBoK Framework

The expandable list contains key Service Quality resources accessible to ASQ Service Quality Members. Please ensure JavaScript is enabled on your browser for optimal viewing experience.

Supporting Materials for Practitioners

Key Service Quality Concepts

Customer and market focus
Stakeholder Identification
Requirements and wants analysis
Relationship management
Employee Focus
Staffing for Service
Equip Employees
Employee/team performance management
Employee engagement and retention
Communication Theory
Community Planning
Service Delivery
Transactional Service
Non-transactional Service
Internal Service


Service Quality Management

  • Service Vision
    • The defined role service quality plays in the organization’s overall mission and vision as an underlying force driving profitability and business success.
Culture definition and development
Leadership Commitment
Strategic development and deployment
Customer Identification
Service value proposition
Service strategies
Loyalty/retention plan
Service management systems
Service models
General service requirements and constraints
Customer value identification
Delivery System Planning
Quality system planning
Process Management
Quality Assurance
Supplier Management
Process reviews/auditing
Continual improvement
Measurement and Analysis
Measurement methods
Internal Measurements
Customer Measurements
Information Management
Information Sources
Customer relationship/information management
Information Security
Environment and infrastrucrure