Members Help SQD Plan for 2017

Representative government is a foundation for freedom.  If you want things to go your way, you have to cast your vote!

Service Quality Division is asking for your input into programming for 2017.  Whatever ideas you have for events and services and formats and any thoughts you’ve had about how you’d like to have information presented to you or how you’d enable other members to provide input, we want to hear what you have to say.

The campaign to collect member input was launched in May at the ASQ World Conference.  Early results of this quick survey include these notes:

  • Passion around programs and services is lukewarm – a dose of innovation would be helpful
  • Awards and scholarships offered by SQD are not well known
  • Member leaders – those who take a volunteer position – are more likely to advocate for the division than other members
  • SQD website can be a forum for more idea sharing
  • Volunteer positions don’t have to be a year-long commitment; they can be specific and project-based

The link to the on-line survey is HERE, or you can paste this URL into your browser:

Your responses are important to us and we have used member input over the years to help tailor the division’s services to your needs.  The previous sentence is intended to prompt high scores on a few of the survey questions about feedback and member satisfaction, by the way…

If you have questions about this topic or the survey, please contact Tracy Owens, VOC Chair, at